Check out this export worthy Thorn Carvings by Pa Zaccheus

By Kemi Mobuse - Wednesday, September 13, 2017

So I came across these beautiful Authentic Export Quality Thorn Carvings by Master Craftsman Pa Zaccheus Oyesiji on a Bell Africana's page and I couldn't help but share. They are quality arts that will be well appreciated by genuine art lovers and I bet a host of them will pay a fortune , just to own one.

Pa Zaccheus is a Master Craftsman who has been producing high quality Thorn Carvings in Ibadan, South West Nigeria, for fifty years, since he completed his apprenticeship in 1967.
Over the years his work has been exhibited in West Africa, the United States and the U.K. and bought as souvenirs by tourists, generations of Nigerians living abroad, and expatriates living in Nigeria.
These traditional wood carvings are made from the large thorns of the “Ata” tree. The 3 varieties found in South Western Nigeria, produce dark brown, salmon pink and cream-coloured thorns. This latest selection of carved figures features Christmas Tree Hangings (Angels, Musicians), “Working Women”, Traditional Crafts, and various aspects of Village Life.
If you are interested in purchasing any of these thorn carvings, contact Mrs Shade Bembatoum-Young, CEO, African Sustainable SME Export Trade Solutions (ASSETS) by email:

More beautiful pictures below:

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