By the time I was 10 years of age, I knew I was meant to be a Beautician- CEO Bella Beauty Hair and Makeup

By Kemi Mobuse - Tuesday, September 26, 2017

I have always enjoyed using makeup, trying out different eye shadow and lip gloss colors. However, I have always wondered why drawing a black line on someone’s eyelid or darkening the shade of someone’s lips makes them appear more attractive. For some reason, I am intrigued in finding out why makeup, which is made up of oils and chemicals nonetheless, allows people to conceive someone as more being “beautiful.”

I was privileged to have a chat with Celebrity Beautician Mrs Sophia Idisi the CEO of Bella beauty ng hair and makeup, who shed more light on the subject of my curiosity, and she enlightened me on the subject and ...I could practically feel the passion she has for what she does, miles away....At the end of the interview, i came away with the feeling that; 

" the heart of it, makeup isn’t about looking good -- it’s about feeling good."....

Read her interview  below...

Kemi Mobuse Blog: Can you kindly introduce yourself?

Bella Beauty Ng: My name is Sophia Idisi. I am the CEO of Bellabeautyng hair and makeup. It's a second generation business that my mum; Mrs. Janet Ogbeide started way back in the 60's.Back then, it was called Claudia's hair Salon, which happens to be her first daughter's name. I on taking over; decided to name it after my daughter “Bella”.

Kemi Mobuse Blog: What do you do?

Bella Beauty Ng: I am a beauty entrepreneur. We have our own line of cosmetics and hair. Our makeup studio is at block 10 plot 9 banana island road.

Kemi Mobuse Blog: When did you know a career in beauty was for you?

Bella Beauty Ng: Since I was 10 years of age. My mum pushed me into the world of beauty.

Doing makeup and hair is a gift that came naturally. I am an artist which made it a plus for me. Make up artistry is a passion I possess. I love to enhance the beauty that is already there and making people beautiful is a thing of joy for me.

Kemi Mobuse Blog: For how long have you been at it and how did you get your start in the industry?

Bella Beauty Ng: My brand has been in existence for a year , I started in my mother's salon which has been there since the 60s. I did my branding recently because I had to devote time to my children, but I was doing hair and make up on the side. Now that they are grown enough, I can face my business fully. So, I started my makeup and hair business full time about 2 years ago but my cosmetics line has been a year old now.

Kemi Mobuse Blog: What prompted you to launch your own line of cosmetics?

Bella Beauty Ng: I saw the passion and hard work my mother put into training us and building her business. I will love to pass that on to my own children. If not for my mum, I am pretty certain, I will not be the woman I am today. That same special gift should not be left to die off. It’s too special and precious.

Kemi Mobuse Blog: Today’s woman is busier than ever. What is the easiest/quickest way to turn a day/work look into something that works for night out?

Bella Beauty Ng: The trick would be to change the lipstick color and add a touch of dark shadow on the corner of the eyes to create a smoky look.

Kemi Mobuse Blog: What are your favorite 2017 beauty trends?

Bella Beauty Ng: I love the glow finish and bronze. It gives your face a perfect finish.

Kemi Mobuse Blog: Some trends can feel a bit out-there for the average woman. Especially style-conscious women of “a certain age” who wish to remain current but fear looking as if they’re trying too hard. What are some comfort-zone-friendly ways to rock the latest trends?

Bella Beauty Ng: For me, my makeup does not transform you but enhances your beauty; it's not plastic but natural. I would say I have an advantage in this matter simply because; I can do old school and then add on the modern day makeup trend and still not step out of line , I would say every woman both young and old should try to keep their makeup as natural as possible. Going with what suits the shape of their face and features .Use colors that suit your skin, and please, please take it easy on the eyebrows 🤐😜.

Kemi Mobuse Blog: Niceeee one. I'm impressed

Kemi Mobuse Blog: Do you have a picture of any old client of yours for us to see how beautiful she looks?

Bella Beauty Ng: She is 60 years old

Kemi Mobuse Blog: Whatttttt?????She is all shades of gorgeous, and I would have asked her out, if I were a man😂😂😂

Bella Beauty Ng: Her husband will look for you ooo😅??😂😂

Bella Beauty Ng: See how the makeup made her look like her first daughter

Kemi Mobuse Blog: Ohmygoodness!!! They can be mistaken for sisters

Kemi Mobuse Blog: In relation to your daughter, Bella....for instance, in this jet age of teenagers looking like grownups is there an age you, as a makeup-artist and mom, consider too soon for girls to begin wearing makeup on a regular basis?

Bella Beauty Ng: Hmmm! I am still very old school, I would say clear lip-gloss and tamed eyebrows at 16, and then we can start introducing colors gradually at the age of 18.

Kemi Mobuse Blog: Any tips on how girls can achieve a look that is both “cool” and parent-friendly?

Bella Beauty Ng: As a mother I would advise that girls from 18 and above should start with really toned down colors. That way, their youthful glow can be seen and appreciated. When they get older, there is a lot make up can hide at that age; so they can cover up more. My mum would always tell us then, “always come out looking beautiful and natural and not like the girls on the streets”

Kemi Mobuse Blog: What three makeup item should no woman leave home without?

Bella Beauty Ng: Eye pencil, lipstick, powder

Kemi Mobuse Blog: From your page, I can see you’ve done such beautiful work on so many celebrities. Who have you not worked on that you’d kill to get into your chair?

Bella Beauty Ng: Kim Kardarsian lol!

Kemi Mobuse Blog: Haha! Any Nigerian Celebrity?

Bella Beauty Ng: Tiwa Savage

Kemi Mobuse Blog: What has been the biggest challenge of your career?

Bella Beauty Ng: My biggest challenge is pleasing people, most people are wired differently. One man's meat is another man's poison. It's not easy to please everyone.

Kemi Mobuse Blog: Any advice for upcoming beauticians?

Bella Beauty Ng: It's not about the money it's about the passion you put into what you do, that's what sets you apart. Let there be a touch of creativity. That's where the artistic side comes into play. When I do my makeup training I always tell my students to go back to the basic knowledge in art. Color combination, use of brushes strokes etc. Because, Make up is art.

Kemi Mobuse Blog: How would you like to be contacted?

Bella Beauty Ng: 08033131770 
Instagram: @bellabeautyng

Kemi Mobuse Blog: Thanks so much for time.

Bella Beauty Ng: Thank you so much.

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