By Day; I am a Chemist, by night I become a Skin care Formulator....Creative Director-DEW OF HERMON

By Kemi Mobuse - Monday, September 18, 2017

Thinking back to the first time that; I came across soaps on Instagram that resembles candies, chocolates and all edible sweets that I only dream about…Chai! My tummy went into overdrive, rumbling away….Iyanmi! who send me? At least, I can’t deny that I love food, provided sweets can be called that…Hehe 😋😋😋😋😋

My tongue nko?  Who would have thought that; soap would make my mouth water? Kemi ooooh ! Sigh!😀😀😀
No matter your palette or dietary restrictions, Dew of Hermon Soap probably makes something you'd want to eat for dinner (or save for dessert!). While these products are definitely not the safest to ingest, the scented soap contains shea butter and more that will cleanse and hydrate your skin.

Having a chitchat with the creative brain behind the brand is my highlight of the day, I learnt a lot and trust me, you will love it too…..

Kemi Mobuse Blog: Can you kindly introduce yourself and what you do?
Dew Of Hermon: My name is Jane Achum, I am a formulator and maker of bath and body products.
Kemi Mobuse Blog: Why this line of profession in particular?

Dew Of Hermon: I am a Chemist who loves crafting. I first made whipped butters for my natural hair, and then decided to take the plunge and try my hands at making soap. When soap became too basic, I took a course in Cosmetic Formulation.

Kemi Mobuse Blog: And this name is peculiar, what led you into choosing it?
Dew Of Hermon: I got the name from the Bible, the book of Psalms. There;the Dew from Mount Hermon is used to describe harmony among brothers. Dew signifies refreshing and renewal. That's what we want our brand to signify.

Kemi Mobuse Blog: You mentioned cosmetic formulation, can you please expatiate on that a bit?
Dew Of Hermon: I create formulas (recipes) from scratch, for cosmetics using proven ingredients. Much like a chef creates recipes for specific dishes.
Kemi Mobuse Blog: Nice one….
Kemi Mobuse Blog: Can you mention some of your products and their specific uses?
Dew Of Hermon: Some of the products from the Dew of Hermon brand include;
·         the Creamy Shea Body Butter-a deep skin moisturizer;
·         the Rose Clay Sugar Scrub, which is a natural exfoliator.
Our best selling soaps include;
·         the Purify aromatherapy soap which is a skin purifying soap made with a  soothing blend of essential oils;
·         The Refresher soap which contains Green Tea and peppermint, perfect for rejuvenating the skin and relaxing the mind;
·         and the Coconut Milk soap which is a rich blend of coconut oil and coconut milk for soft, supple skin.
Kemi Mobuse Blog: From where do you draw your inspirations?

Dew Of Hermon: 🙂From many places. My family who keep cheering me, other colleagues in the industry; especially when I see the many amazing things they do. But mostly from my customers. When they appreciate my work, I am inspired to do more.

Kemi Mobuse Blog: what is a typical day in the life of CEO Of dew of Hermon like?
Dew Of Hermon: I wouldn't hurriedly take on the title of CEO. Hahaha!
Interestingly, I have a 9-5, where I work as a Chemist. So my work in Dew of Hermon really starts in the evenings. After I rest for about an hour, I go into the lab/kitchen to work. This can take me till anytime between 10pm and 1am, especially when I get excited. 😁
During the day and on weekends, I find time to do some research, do some product photography and update my Instagram page.
Kemi Mobuse Blog: What is the most challenging part of your business?

Dew Of Hermon: Sourcing for some specialty raw materials. We're still heavily dependent on imports for these and it is costly. Also, sourcing for good quality packaging in the country.

Kemi Mobuse Blog: What is your favorite product among those ones you produce?
Dew Of Hermon: Can a mother have a favourite child? Hahaha.
My favourite varies, but right now; I am I love with The Refresher soap. The minty-ness helps clear my head and help me relax after a stressful day
Kemi Mobuse Blog: How old is your business now? And looking back, is there anything, you wished, you could have done differently?
Dew Of Hermon: We're just about a year old, so we're still learning a lot.
Kemi Mobuse Blog: Any advice for upcoming entrepreneurs?

Dew Of Hermon: Be persistent. If you work on a challenge long enough, you will find the answer.

Kemi Mobuse Blog: Lastly, how can you be contacted?
Dew Of Hermon: Email:
Phone: 07035809869

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