Are you a Yoruba Bride to be who wants to rock her engagement fabulously? Da'loom Asooke is just who you need....

By Kemi Mobuse - Monday, September 05, 2016

If you have ever come across a yoruba bride on her engagement day, or you have been privileged to be one, You have to agree with me , that; the bride is the sole centre of attraction on that day, especially when she happens to be clad in an Aso Oke from sole to crown. Such a bride will suddenly appear more regal, more beautiful and absolutely breathtaking.

Infact, I once heard that; if you are a yoruba bride, and had a  Gele on, and you aren't beautiful, then just forget it, beauty is not in your gene..Lol! Don't hate, I said I"heard" it noni.

So, before i get carried carried away, while doing one of my snooping sessions on Instagram, I happened across the page of a beautiful Lady: Da'loom Assoke and I have to hand to her, that she really knows her stuff. She had a one on one with KMB, which am delighted to share with you below...Enjoy....
Q: Can we meet you?
A: I am Egberongbe Gbemisola, an Entrepreneur, I run  Da'loom Asooke.

Q: What do you do?

A: I design and sell all types of Asooke and Fabrics.

Q: What inspired your going into the aso oke business?
A: After helping a couple of people to organize their traditional outfits, they referred people to me and that Kick started the business.

Q: How was starting out for you capital wise?

A: It required little or no capital basically.  More of idea and knowledge to share with customers.

Q: Why aso oke in particular?
A: I love the beauty Asooke  gives to people. And also because I love designing and Asooke allows me to express myself.

Q: How old is your brand and how has the market reception been?
A: Da'loom Asooke is 7years and the grace of God has been with us.

Q: What major challenges have you had to deal with since starting out?

A: Time constraints. Some customers call last minute to make their bookings and we have to work round the clock to deliver.

Q:How do you come up with the designs you use in your aso oke?
A:  I get most of my inspiration while I'm working.

Q: What will be people be surprised to learn about you?

A: Alot of people are surprised when they find out that I run Da'loom Asooke alongside other businesses.

Q: Any advice for upcoming entrepreneurs?
A: It's simple.... Hard work pays.

Q: How can you be contacted?
A: we are based in Lagos, Nigeria.
Our contact number is +2348023541366
IG: daloom.asooke

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