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By Kemi Mobuse - Monday, August 15, 2016

Nowadays, no event be it a birthday, wedding, bridal or baby showers or even a funeral Service is complete without using an event planner. This is simply because, everyone is after one major thing: The Success of the event while cutting costs and sticking to your budget as much as possible.

It is in such instances that; hiring an event planner seems of the utmost importance, because he/she will take the major stress of the event planning off you, help you cut cost, and makes achieving all your set plans concerning said event a reality.

KMB got a chance to interview one of such Event Planners, with a flair of creativity while keeping to modern trends, and she enlightened us more about what her brand does and how....excerpts from the interview below;

KMB: Can we meet you?

Storypage Events: My name is Anthonia Udemeh.
KMB: What do you do?
Storypage Events: I'm an event planner and decorator. I plan events in Lagos and Enugu currently.
KMB: What inspired your going into the event planning field?

Storypage Events: I have always had a flair for arts and I stumbled upon a decoration company online which inspired me to become an event planner.

KMB: What is the name of your brand and how old is it?
Storypage Events: Storypage Events is the brand name and it's been operational since June 2012
KMB: How has the market reception been since inception?
Storypage Events: The event industry keeps growing by the day and the trends within the market is constantly evolving which requires that we stay abreast with the ever changing trends. The market reception has been good as we constantly re - evaluated our service offerings to ensure that we are offering value to our clients.
KMB: If a company decided today, "I want to host a big event," what would be the first step you suggest the client take?
Storypage Events: They would need to draw up a plan just like with any other project. Outlining their event objectives, financial budget and prioritize their needs.

KMB: What are the most important things to remember on the day of the event?
Storypage Events: The most important things to remember on the day of the event varies with the type of event. Weddings for instance we tell couple don't forget to pray, eat and have fun.
KMB: since starting out, what has been your most rewarding moment so far?
Storypage Events: My most rewarding moment would be planning an event for the US Marines. From then on, I knew how valuable my services were.
KMB: What do you think makes an exceptional wedding planner?

Storypage Events: An exceptional wedding planner is one who is thorough in their planning. You can see loop holes and do a proper risk assessment of your event. Also a planner who is very organized and up to date with trends. One who is able to deliver and exceed expectations without putting a strain on the clients and on their budget.

KMB: What is one thing you wish clients knew about your job?

Storypage Events: I wish clients knew that quality service does not always come cheap

KMB: Out of all the events you’ve planned, which was your favorite and why?

Storypage Events: My favourite event would be planning my wedding because it was an opportunity for me to bring my 'fairytales’ to reality.

KMB: What is your favorite wedding trend, and why? What up-and-coming trends have you noticed?

Storypage Events: My favorite wedding trends would be special effects at weddings. It just creates magical moments. Upcoming trends I've noticed are social media engagements at weddings. Photo booths and wedding guest props, innovative guest books. Food varieties, special effects like fireworks, confetti and all.

KMB: any advice for upcoming entrepreneurs?

Storypage Events: My advice for upcoming entrepreneurs is - believe in yourself, carve a niche within the market for your business and don't stop developing your skills.
KMB: lastly, how can you be contacted?
Storypage Events: I can be reached via;

my website:
Phone: 07037181861
Instagram: @storypageevents.

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