I'm an architect by profession but the passion and love i have for good shoes inspired my brand- Managing partner (Overalls Premium brands LTD)

By Kemi Mobuse - Tuesday, August 02, 2016

If college degrees guaranteed jobs, everyone would be employed, but these days, knowledge and skills trump degrees!

While this isn’t the case if you want to be a doctor, engineer, accountant, or something of that nature, it’s also NEVER too late to jump ships if that’s where you ended up, but can’t stand it. Remember, it’s more important to build a career you’re proud of than getting a college degree that doesn’t matter 
A public health student has plans of going to medical school but longs to pursue a singing career. A biology student who stresses about class all the time wishes to become a photographer. A business major who expects to become an accountant actually wants to study business administration and end up managing his own company..

Are you doing what you want to do?

In the case of Mr Ojo Adebayo, despite his being an architect, he decided to pursue his passion for shoemaking and his work so far has been really impressive.

KMB, wanting to know why he choose to go into shoemaking, got a chance to have exclusive interview with him…read excerpts from the interview below;

KMB: Can we meet you?

Overalls Bespoke: My name is Ojo Adebayo

KMB: What do you do?
Overalls Bespoke: I’m the Managing partner at Overalls Premium brands LTD
A contemporary bespoke shoemaking company based in Lagos Nigeria ..
KMB: What inspired you choosing the shoe production business? Can you pinpoint the exact moment when you decided this is the way to go?
Overalls Bespoke: I actually do love shoes and have like 20 pairs. I especially have a special love for Velvet slippers so I had to use some English velvet slippers brand as case study, I then had my friend now  business partner do a couple of sketches and logos. We then started production officially in 2011
The English brands are Stubbs and Wutton, herring, Churchs and Crockett/Jones

KMB: What inspired your choice of Name?
Overalls Bespoke: Overalls means "taken as a whole ". Over everything
We wanted to have an impeccable name, and came up with that.

KMB: How old is your brand and how has the market reception been since inception?
Overalls Bespoke: The brand is 5 years old. The reception has been fair enough like say 6/10.But it can be a lot better.
KMB: What major challenges have you had to deal with since starting out?
Overalls Bespoke: The major challenge has been sourcing for materials within the local market..We have to resort importation most times ...

KMB: As an entrepreneur, what has been a shoe maker taught you?
Overalls Bespoke: Being a shoe maker has taught me how to pay utmost attention to details ...and satisfy our numerous clients
KMB: Two things you can't live without?

Overalls Bespoke: Lol! Food and Power (Light)

KMB: Given a chance to meet someone famous in your field of work, who would it be?
Overalls Bespoke: Creative director of Gucci …
KMB: Where do you get inspiration for your designs?

Overalls Bespoke: Inspiration has been basically from exclusive designs I love And God; Direction and inspiration comes from Him.

KMB: Where do you see overall bespoke in say 5 years?

Overalls Bespoke: Being a world class brand with a fully Nigerian content.
KMB: What would people be surprised to learn about you?
Overalls Bespoke: I'm an architect by profession and I design houses also
KMB: Any advice for upcoming entrepreneurs?
Overalls Bespoke: They should always be original at all time and try to be the best at what they do, Believe in yourself and your brand, Originality Is key.

KMB: Lastly, how can you be contacted?
Overalls Bespoke: via www.overallsbrands.com
Call/whatsapp :08030549858,08027338319

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