How to make Ice cream with just one Ingredient right there in your Home!

By Kemi Mobuse - Wednesday, August 03, 2016

We all love ice cream especially when it’s hot. You can make some at home, and the good thing is: you do not need a special ice cream maker for this recipe!

How to make banana ice cream with just 1 ingredient:  

Another benefit of this recipe is that the only ingredient you need is a banana. You do not add any sugar, which makes it much healthier than all other types of ice cream. Plus, it is cheap, too. No need to add the cream! So, if you plan on shedding pounds or getting a flat belly, enjoy this sweet dessert. 

Step #1: 
Get several ripe bananas and peel them. Then chop them into small slices.

Step #2: 

 Place the banana slices into your freezer and leave there for at least two hours. They should be well-frozen and iced before you make the dessert. 

Step #3:  

Use a blender or a food possessor to chop the frozen bananas. You blend them into a smoothie. Now you can place the mass into a plastic container and put back into the fridge. 

The ice cream is ready. Use a round spoon to make the balls and eat them with chocolate or any other topping you like!

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