People Are Losing Their Minds While Trying To Find The Cell Phone In This Photo

By Kemi Mobuse - Tuesday, July 12, 2016

In order to momentarily distract ourselves from the tragedy and political strife that's plaguing our world, we might as well turn to the Internet for a little useless entertainment. For those of us who love optical illusions (or Where's Waldo), this is the jackpot. In the image below, there is a cell phone lying somewhere on a rug. And no, it's not digitally edited in, it just has a patterned phone case that nicely matches the decor. 

Jeya May Cruz, a sales representative at Dell, first posted this photo to Facebook, challenging people to find the phone. 

As with any optical illusion, it takes forever to find and then you can't remember how you didn't see it immediately. But, in all fairness, this is a very inconspicuous phone case. 

Found it? If not, behold: 

 Now you can't stop seeing it, right?

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  1. They is no phone. They are simply toying with our minds! Fogerrit men!!!

  2. hmm... i don find the phone tire ooo.... i see nothing jawe...