Who said Women are not ready to take over the world? Meet Udoka Uju the "Lady Painter" who also happens to be a Banker.

By Kemi Mobuse - Saturday, June 11, 2016

The saying ..."What a man can do, a woman can do better"...is not being taken lightly at all in the present generation, as Nigerian Ladies are rising up everyday, breaking the mold, exceeding expectations and doing the unexpected. It takes a woman with spunk and a lot of it, to wake up one day, and decide that; she wants to be a champion in a field predominantly dominated by Men.

I believe, I am therefore not wrong in tagging Udoka Uju as a go getter and one with a pioneering spirit, because, she decided to think outside the box for once and make a change, where she felt it was desperately needed. In the little time, I have been privileged to talk to her, It struck me that; she has an incredible passion for her mission.   She brings this passion and her knowledge of trade to all that she does and she isn’t afraid of anything.She has succeeded in a male dominated world because of that fearlessness--that sense that; she’s not going to let gender or preconceived notions hold her back in any way.  If anything, Uju is going to try even harder to shatter the stereotypes, to exceed expectations.”

She  had an exclusive interview with KMB, where she spoke more about her passion and her journey...its a must read....

KMB: Can we meet you?

The Lady Painter: My name is Udoka Uju, and I am the Lady Painter

KMB: I noticed you are nicknamed “the lady painter”, what inspired your going into painting?
The Lady Painter: When I was young, even though I still am, I watched a lot of movies. I especially watch telemundo a lot, Lol!
And then, I compare the houses I see in the movies to the houses I have been to, right here in Nigeria or the ones I see in the movies made here in Nigeria. I noticed the difference is just so much. Here, you see a lot of houses with bland boring walls with nothing interesting on them.
Walls with no story to tell, no statement to make,
So I decided I wanted to do something about it.
At first, it was hard for me to get people to understand that, so I decided to do it myself.

KMB: How did you set about achieving that?
The Lady Painter: I don't have any background in arts; in fact I studied Economics in the university.
So, when a friend told me she wanted their house painted, out of nowhere I just told her I could do it, I told her that, I was a painter and surprisingly she trusted me with their house believing that, I would do a wonderful job.
To be honest, at that point I was scared. Because, I had no idea, how or where to start from, I didn't even know who to work with and I don’t want the regular painter...fortunately for me I was able to get someone to work with eventually, it was a 4 bedroom duplex house. We ended up doing the job very well, and got no complaints from my friend.
That experience fired up my passion and motivated me to do better.
KMB:Is this all you currently do for a living?

The Lady Painter: No, Its not. I am also a banker.I work in one of the leading banks in Nigeria
KMB: How did you go about creating a brand out of painting?
The Lady Painter: First of all I just started with calling myself a painter. Then I told some colleagues about my idea and they gave me the name "Lady Painter". Another suggested that, I trademark the name so I can use it to create my brand and I did.
So right now, I maintain exclusive rights to use the name in Nigeria.

KMB: Awww! Lovely. How old is your brand now? And how has the market reception been?
The Lady Painter: I started in October 2015, we are just 8 months old. The reception has been awesome, everyone is interested in knowing who the lady painter is, and everyone likes the idea of a lady painting their home. Even though they're all surprised at first.
 KMB: How do you combine being a Banker with being a painter?

The Lady Painter: I have been fortunate to have clients who don't mind waiting till I am available to paint for them. So I paint weekends and when I am on leave from work.
It's a lot of work trust me, I have challenges managing my time sometimes.
But, I always find a way. I choose to find a way because, I feel I must deliver on a job.
KMB: Nice one
The Lady Painter: Thank you 😊

KMB: What major challenges have you had to deal with?
The Lady Painter: My major challenge is time.
KMB: Have you ever been discriminated against as a “lady” painter?

The Lady Painter: Well maybe a little. Of course, at first, they don't take me seriously, but, I have been able to get more attention from the jobs I have done. I have pictures of previous jobs that I have done to prove them wrong. I even make some videos of me at work, when painting. I mix my colours myself and I paint,  I have guys I work with, for big projects. Hopefully soon, I will get to work with women.
Initially, when I started my girlfriends laughed at me, they didn't take me seriously. I tried to get some to join me, but, they told me they wouldn’t be caught dead climbing a ladder. Now, they are asking to work with me lol!

KMB: Any future plans to concentrate fully on being a painter?
The Lady Painter: I don't really mind about being a painter, it's a job I have come to love and plan to go into fully...very soon.
I am currently in my transition period, from a corporate babe to a painter 😉
KMB: Given a chance to start over, is there anything, you wished you have done differently?
The Lady Painter: Not really...Every phase of my life has a reason. So I am grateful for all of it, because it got me to where I am now.
KMB: Can you recommend being a painter to an upcoming entrepreneur?

The Lady Painter: Yes I can, it is a beautiful job that allows you to be creative. Creativity rules 😀 So I will totally recommend being a painter to anyone, but most especially I would recommend being YOU! That is most original.

 KMB: What can say, being a painter has taught you, and what do you love most about it?

The Lady Painter: What I love most about it,is the fact that; I have fun doing it and it also pays my bills!
It also allow me to express myself, my painting says a lot about me.

KMB: Any advice for upcoming entrepreneur?

The Lady Painter: My advice to upcoming entrepreneurs is; for them to find their passion and make it pay their bills.

KMB: Lastly, how can you be contacted?
The Lady Painter: Email: theladypainterng@gmail.com
Phone number: 08063275102
Twitter: @LadyPainterNg
Blog: ladypainterng.blogspot.com.ng

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