Top 10 Ways To Lose Your Hearing .......

By Kemi Mobuse - Tuesday, June 07, 2016

The strange part of hearing loss is that we don’t tend to begin appreciating our favorite sounds until after we’ve lost the ability to clearly hear them. We don’t stop to contemplate, for example, how much we enjoy a good conversation with a close friend until we have to constantly ask them to repeat themselves.
Whether it’s your favorite Mozart album or the songs of a Bluejay first thing in the morning, your quality of life is directly tied to your capability to hear—whether you recognize it or not. And if you wait until after you’ve lost your hearing to come to this understanding, you’re going to dedicate a tremendous amount of time and effort working to get it back.
Below are the top 10 ways to lose your hearing, written sarcastically....... 

Noise exposure is the #1 cause of hearing loss
The louder the better, in fact, you can effectively start to lose some hearing in just 7 ½ minutes by sitting in front of the speakers at an ACDC concert
Even prolonged low grade noise exposure such as being married to a nagging spouse may also cause you to stop listening.

Genetic deafness is responsible for 3 children out of 1,000 being born hearing impaired to some degree
Dozens of potential gene combinations can be passed on silently from parents to their offspring
37% of children with minimal hearing loss will fail at least one grade in school…others fail because they don’t listen
Especially legal ones prescribed by your doctor such as anti-inflammatories, certain cardiac medications and chemotherapy agents
Probably the easiest drug to buy to do the trick is aspirin which may relieve both your headache and your hearing
Even inhaling solvents or sniffing carbon monoxide could make things go quiet

Studies have shown that driving a convertible with the top down exposes the ears to noise averaging 90 decibels
Since permanent hearing loss occurs after repeated exposure to 85 decibels this means that most sports car drivers might not notice you yelling at them
While you’re at it, get into a fender bender because 17% of people involved in an accident where the air bag deploys will also experience loss of hearing forever

iPods with the traditional earbud speakers that fit firmly in the sides of every teenagers head is the latest invention to drown out sounds
These devices are capable of transmitting noise at Lady Gaga levels while less than an inch from a delicate transparent sheath aptly called an eardrum
Research reveals that full volume for 5 minutes is enough to blow your tweeters or perhaps even a woofer

A great way to collect Workers Compensation is to choose a job that may reap benefits from being in a noisy environment
Examples include the military, construction trades and kindergarten teachers the morning after Halloween
Employment in an industry such as the government that simply ignores people rather than truly not hearing their requests, doesn’t qualify

Whether it’s a cigarette, cigar or your favourite weed, make sure and inhale deeply to effectively kill off the inner hair cells lodged deep in your cochlea
If you’re not a smoker, either consider starting or perhaps develop Diabetes as another means to be mean to your ears
Alcohol is also a great way to permanently pickle your herring…I mean hearing

As we get older, it’s natural for all of our parts to get worn out including our inner ears
This leads to a common condition called presbycusis, which is Latin for “Whatdya’ say?”
Nerve deafness is the #1 reason that seniors wear the latest fashion accessories called hearing aids

If you don’t listen to your mother, she’s likely to box your ears…
This sudden trauma may pop the eardrum or even your entire head
Other high risk activities such as cheering for the Blackhawks are certain to prompt others to shut your ears for you as well

Go ahead and lodge something portable such as a piece of Lego or a set of car keys deep in your ear canal
Even Mother Nature may cooperate by creating a chunk of wax the size of Cleveland to block the passage of sound
If this happens, try getting the wax out with a Q-tip which will either rupture the eardrum or at least leave some of the cotton behind.

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