Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama Speak on Women discovering their self - worth,Finding themselves and more...

By Kemi Mobuse - Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Oprah Winfrey and first lady Michelle Obama sat down at The United State of Women summit earlier this week in Washington, D.C. There were a few hundred men who were in the room with 5,000 women during the keynote address held at the Washington Convention Center.

Michelle Obama and Oprah shared how they overcame obstacles and spoke about women’s empowerment ,self-worth,dealing with pressure, gender equality issues, believing in your passion/talent, empowering yourself, dealing with haters and more. They also offered a bit of advice to men.
Read excerpts from their conversation below.

On being better fathers:
“Be better. Be better at everything. Be better fathers. Good lord, just being good fathers who love your daughters and are providing a solid example of what it means to be a good man in the world, showing them what it feels like to be loved. That is the greatest gift that the men in my life gave to me.”
On being better in relationships:
“I never experienced abuse at the hands of any man in my life. And that’s sad to say that that’s a rare reality. So men can be better at that.”
On being better husbands:
“Men can be better husbands, which is — be a part of your family’s life. Do the dishes. Don’t babysit your children. You don’t babysit your own children. Be engaged. Don’t just think going to work and coming home makes you a man. Being a father, being engaged, all that stuff is important.”
On being better employers:
“Be a better employer. When you are sitting at a seat of power at a table of any kind and you look around you [and] just see you, it’s just you and a bunch of men around a table, on a golf course, making deals, and you allow that to happen, and you’re OK with that, be better.”

Source: eraveng.com
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