My brand started out as a hobby, while I was working full Time - Creative Cake Artist, Baker and CEO of Anna’s Sweet Treats

By Kemi Mobuse - Thursday, June 23, 2016

The cake baking industry is getting more creative as days roll by, as cake artistry and decoration is being taken to new heights and exceeding expectations. Being a baker now involves knowing more than how to operate an oven.( I can't even operate one to save my own life sha, Lol!)
Are you looking to wow your loved ones with a beautiful cake? Then, you need not look further than Anna’s Sweet Treats where they use their creativity and talent to create unusual, trendy, or traditionally elegant and exciting cakes or cupcakes for your special event, no matter how big or small...
While at it, you should read excerpts of the interview, their CEO granted to KMB below….
KMB: Can We Meet You?
Anna’s Sweet Treats:  My Name is Mrs Funmi Ajayi.
KMB: What Do You Do?
Anna’s Sweet Treats: I am a Cake Artist; we create custom cakes for weddings, birthdays and other celebrations
KMB: How Did You Get Involved In Cake Artistry?
Anna’s Sweet Treats: It started as a hobby while I was working full time.  I made my son’s first birthday cake and decided to do it on the side from then on.

KMB: Was there a point in time when you Knew That Was The Career Path You Wanted To Take?
Anna’s Sweet Treats:  Yes because I found that I enjoyed doing it and could also make a decent living from it.
KMB: Tell Us About Your brand And How You Got Started.
Anna’s Sweet Treats:  My brand name is Anna’s Sweet Treats and we create beautiful and delicious cakes and cupcakes, which I like to call edible art. I started the company in 2012 as a home bakery and we have grown and are still growing organically since then.

KMB: Did you go to a culinary school, or were you self taught?
Anna’s Sweet Treats:  I did not go to culinary school but I have attended baking and cake decorating courses within and outside Nigeria. As a cake artist, you can never stop learning and you need to keep up with new trends so you must also be self-taught. There are many free tutorials online, which have proved to be a great resource.

KMB: When Did You First Start Baking?

Anna’s Sweet Treats: I started teaching myself how to bake in 2009.

KMB: Do You Do Bespoke/Custom Flavors?

Anna’s Sweet Treats: I do basic flavours because for now I am more focused on the art and at the same time,i want the few flavours I provide to be excellent.

KMB: What Is Your Favorite Cake And Frosting Combination?

Anna’s Sweet Treats: My favourite cake flavor is vanilla and I love working with fondant. I also love cheesecake

KMB: What Was Your Favorite Job So Far?

Anna’s Sweet Treats: It’s hard to pick one, each job is special in its own way

KMB: Do You Have Any Tips Or Advice For Others Who Are Looking To Start Their Own Bakery?

Anna’s Sweet Treats: I would say invest in learning before you start, there is so much competition in this industry and customers expect the best therefore you must be able to meet and exceed their expectations.

KMB: Do You Offer Anything Other Than Cakes?

Anna’s Sweet Treats:  No

KMB: What Are You Favorite Trends When It Comes To Wedding Desserts?

Anna’s Sweet Treats:  The beautiful displays, the pastry chefs are very creative.

KMB: What Tips Or Advice Can You Give To Couples Who Are Ordering Their Cake And Desserts?

Anna’s Sweet Treats: I would say do proper research on the vendors you want to use, don’t choose based on popularity, work with your own expectations and budget.

KMB: Lastly, how can you be contacted?

Anna’s Sweet Treats: via Whatsapp : 08030471014.

Instagram DM’s @annassweettreats.

Email –


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