Meet Olatunji Adebunmi a 'Female Carpenter" who is determined to break the Mold Come what May

By Kemi Mobuse - Friday, June 24, 2016

The old stereotype of the kind of person who works in the carpentry profession have changed dramatically.  People have always looked at carpentry as the career for someone without options mostly the Uneducated, illiterate or the poor.
The people who are entering the profession now actually want to be there. They are educated, and I think they this career, so that, at the end of the day, they can physically look at what they built…and be rewarded by that.. .. 
I actually came across Nigerian Female Carpenter; Olatunji Adebunmi by chance on facebook, and she had me intrigued from just the nickname "female Carpenter". I cajoled her into giving me an excerpts below;

KMB: Can we meet you?

Adebunmi Adeyefa: Olatunji Adebunmi Adefunke is my name,  graduate of  Mass communication from Olabisi Onabanjo University,  married and a mum to two great Nations,  Ceo of Oag furniture and I hail from OSun state Nigeria

KMB: What do you do?

Adebunmi Adeyefa: I design and make stylish and quality furniture products for homes, offices and schools

KMB: What inspired you going into carpentry and not other profession?
Adebunmi Adeyefa: In Nigeria today, there is a huge gap between the local carpenter and the foreign investors in the furniture industry.  The local carpenter makes a less quality product for a low amount while the foreign investor gives you quality for a very huge price.  My inspiration comes from the desire to close up this gap by making quality made in Nigeria furniture products that are affordable by the average Nigerian and are of international standard.

KMB: What is the name of your brand and how old is it?

Adebunmi Adeyefa: Oag furniture and we are 7years

KMB: As a female, weren't you a little daunted and terrified of venturing into a male dominated field?

Adebunmi Adeyefa: Nope, I never thought about it once that; I would have gender related issues. And to be truthful it has never been an issue.
KMB: I once heard you being called the female carpenter, what brought about the name? 
Adebunmi Adeyefa: Female carpenter..... It was when I posted one of my random product adverts on fb on which I #hashtag# female carpenter , though, not with the mindset of adopting it as a name.  But surprisingly, that name generated several comments. The majority of my fans then were against with excuses it, that, it's not a tush name except for one person.  It was in that moment that, it dawned on me that, I could actually adopt it.
KMB: How has the market reception been since inception? 
Adebunmi Adeyefa: Like every other businesses, it has been challenging, after the first five years, we had to take it to the slaughtering table because it was not yielding profits.  So, we closed down our showroom and workshop.  Went back to the drawing board and I relaunched a year after.  Since we relaunched, it’s been growing bigger day in day out because we were able to correct what initially went wrong.

KMB: What major challenges have you had to deal with? 
Adebunmi Adeyefa: The major challenge was actually being able to convince people to partronize made in Nigeria furniture products rather than imported ones

KMB: And did you adopt the name “female Carpenter” Officially? 
Adebunmi Adeyefa: Not yet, but pretty soon
KMB: What do you love most about being a carpenter? 
Adebunmi Adeyefa: Seeing my products in people's home and offices.  That's my joy
KMB: Given a chance to start over, is there anything you wished to have done differently?

Adebunmi Adeyefa: Absolutely No

KMB: What can you say you have learnt from being a carpenter?
Adebunmi Adeyefa: I have learnt that, if you don't demand what you want from life it will hand over to you whatever it wishes.
Being a carpenter as a female might not be thinkable but then,  that is what I want,  life has no choice than to follow suit.

KMB: Any advice for anyone looking to venture into carpentry? 
Adebunmi Adeyefa: Start small, get mentorship and get skills
KMB: Lastly , how can you be contacted? 
Adebunmi Adeyefa: Call 08066812343,08072036552,
Facebook: olatunji Adebunmi Adefunke
Oagfurniture..... Facebook page and Instagram
Oagfurniture1 @twitter

 More pictures below:

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  1. Beautiful and inspiring,i must commend her boldness of venturing into a male dominated profession.we need more people like her onboard to change the status quo.

  2. Thanks bosslady. I appreciate.

    1. I remember vividly the post that triggered the "female carpenter" opinion and I m glad I concurred 200%. I m proud of u course mate๐Ÿ˜Š