I studied project management only to end up being a certified beauty therapist and organic skincare formulator - CEO Skinsational

By Kemi Mobuse - Sunday, June 12, 2016

Having a beautiful and glowing skin isn't achievable overnight, but it is definitely achievable with patience and consistency while using the right products; mostly organic and natural 
I learnt this first hand, when i gave birth to my son, he was what you can call; a multicolured baby.Lol!

some part of skin were black, some were brown, some red , i swear, i even saw green.Trust me, I wasn't having any of that, nibo? I quickly called up a shea butter lady who resides in my estate. She makes organic products that smell like heaven. I got a shea butter, black soap and a bumbum balm for my son's charcoal coloured bum. I used that for three months consistently, guess what? My son's skin brightened and evened all over. He is 2 years old now, and we still use the shea butter.

So, when I came across Skinsational brand, I knew, I had to know more about it. me sef want to glow like butterfly jare. Read below excerpts of the interview,  had with the brand CEO; a very pleasant lady....

KMB: Can we meet you?

Skinsational Skincare: My name is Itunu Taiwo.
KMB: What do you do?
Skinsational Skincare: I'm a certified beauty therapist and organic skincare formulator. My brand name is Skinsational.

KMB: What inspired your going into the skincare field? Was that what you majored in, back in school?
Skinsational Skincare: No, I studied project management. Right from my teenage years I've been passionate about enhancing other people's skin with organic and natural ingredients. I was always experimenting with all sorts ranging from oats to coffee to sugar. I love creating body products from scratch. Skincare for me is a gift.
KMB: How old is your brand now and how has the market reception been?
Skinsational Skincare: We are almost 4 years old.
The reception has been amazing.... it wasn't so easy trying to break into the beauty market at first because a lot of people would rather buy products made abroad but now the quest for made in Nigeria products is awesome, everyone is gradually becoming interested in natural and organic based skincare products.
KMB: What major challenges have you experienced since starting out?
Skinsational Skincare: Dealing with clients who have extremely sensitive skin and experiencing backlog has been my major challenges because i make all the products myself and there's a limit to what my energy can produce and of course, in recent times exchange rate issues due to some of my base products that are purchased overseas.

KMB: How was starting out for you, capital wise?
Skinsational Skincare: In all sincerity, my start up wasn't exactly capital intensive and I had to give out free products to family and friends for trial so it wasn’t that hard to start up.

KMB: What can you say, a client patronizing your brand get to benefit from you?
Skinsational Skincare: A client who is patronizing my brand is assured of a flawless skin if the person can be patient and consistent because my products are 100% organic and natural.
KMB: What since you started out, has been your most memorable experience?

Skinsational Skincare: I don't have one memorable experience, so I would rather say; I have memorable experiences. I get positive reviews, before and after pictures of clients who use my products all the time and I'm literally wowed and amazed at the fact that something I made is very effective.

KMB: Any advice for upcoming entrepreneur?

Skinsational Skincare: Don't follow the crowd, take your time to figure out your Passion and Purpose.
Strive for Improvement not Perfection and lastly WORK SMART!

KMB: Lastly, how can you be contacted?

Skinsational Skincare: CONTACT DETAILS :
Tel: +2348097358059 (whatsapp)
Email: skinsational@live.co.uk
Instagram: skinsational_skincareng

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