I made a remote controlled Car when i was just 10 years old, in a quest to define my passion - CEO Obagoo Bespoke Footwear

By Kemi Mobuse - Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Talent in most cases is usually inborn, and it takes a truly discerning eye to see it and help develop it, to actualization. Unfortunately, a lot of talents are left to rot, just because, no one took the time to discover such or develop it.

Martins Onwutalobi at just the age of Seven (7) already knew, what he love and what he wanted to do, and from the way he spoke, he apparently had the help and support of his parents and thankfully, that, has really helped him become the success story that he is today...Read the excerpts of the exclusive interview he had with KMB today, to gain more insight into the heart of the man...

Kemi Mobuse blog: Can we meet you?

Obagoo Bespoke: My name is Martins Onwutalobi.
Kemi Mobuse blog: What do you do?
Obagoo Bespoke: I run my own shoe business as a shoe designer.

Kemi Mobuse blog:Can you pinpoint the exact moment, you decided to be a shoe designer? And your inspiration?

Obagoo Bespoke: Since I was little boy of around 7yrs old, I have always seen objects in forms of elevated lines no matter what shape it took. I started from playing with electrical and mechanical toys, to dreaming of building my own handmade car. Eventually it happened and I found myself dismantling and fixing back any toy I could lay my hands on, it went well for the ones that I was able to fix and for the rest; some got me really frustrated, but, I never gave up. Day and night I loved to fix things out of the ordinary.
At the age of ten I started to developing genuine interests for subjects and topics related to fine art, technical drawing and mathematics. One day, I made myself a moving car; carved out of a thick cardboard. It was formed from a 2D perspective and folded as one to give a 3D shape (for the first time I was impressed with myself). The car was geared by an electric motor dismantled from a toy car, a rubber band served as the driving belt moving the centre of the shaft (made from broomstick). A big and small pulley was attached on the motor and that of the broomstick and the remote control was made out of matchbox wired to the motor. Did I forget to mention that, the tyres were carved from condemned rubber flip-flops? All these were engineered from my own little brain and the motivation I had for myself.

Since then; I spent countless days trying to draw, fix or invent one thing or the other. It was fun but then the driving force within all these was the passion I had, it was the motivation inside of me. As I grew older I could understand concepts of lines, I could determine an angle without the use of a protractor, I could draw a perfect circle without a compass, I could understand elevation drawings better (in fact, I was one of the best technical drawing students), I practically traced all my graphics lines without instruments. At a point I developed a habit of sketching straight lines, boxes or shapes on my notebooks while thinking or solve a problem.
I have graduated from the university, I have worked in several companies but my urge for technicalities still beats me. So I decided to run my own shoe business as a shoe designer.

Kemi Mobuse blog: since becoming a shoe designer, what major challenges have you had to deal with?
Obagoo Bespoke: Well; we face a lot of challenges from the society at large to the materials being used to bring our concepts to life. The major challenge, though; is finding the right market for our brand because it becomes saturated over time and the competition demands you put in more efforts and convince clients of the quality of your work.
Nonetheless, our work still speaks for us and we appreciate everyone who has made it possible for us to come this far.
Kemi Mobuse blog: What can you say, you enjoy most about being a shoe designer?

Obagoo Bespoke: I love the part, where; I have to design a new pattern its fun drawing and sketching what will eventually come out real.
Every day, I build, design and make shoes with my two hands. Sometimes people wonder if they are really handmade or just some imported stuff.
I get a lot of commends and referrals from clients; I have been privileged to have worked with and the question I usually get is......."so why are your shoes that cheap?" ...and I tell them...."it’s the love I have for it" I prepare my shoes from the finest of leather available, my finishing is a culture I practice so I leave no room for condemnation.


Kemi Mobuse blog: What can you say being an entrepreneur has taught you?
Obagoo Bespoke: First; it has given me an edge to life and its experiences. I can find myself in any environment and still adapt greatly. It makes you think ahead and plan towards unforeseen circumstances. But mostly, becoming an Entrepreneur is hard work you must enjoy doing especially in the kind of society we find ourselves. Like the saying goes "what you sow, is what you reap"

Kemi Mobuse blog: What do you hope to achieve with your brand in the near future?

Obagoo Bespoke: I plan on changing the antique look of bespoke footwear and making it into the new fashion styles that are trending. My concept will be unique on its own and I will not limit to just Nigerian consumers. Presently, I have started drawing the attention of the US and UK market, this alone is a sign of encouragement.
Kemi Mobuse blog: Any advice for upcoming entrepreneurs?

Obagoo Bespoke: My advice to any upcoming entrepreneur is first; know your potential, find it. It could be music, art, dancing, carpentry, welding or even driving. Rome wasn't built in a day, same goes for success, but I tell you; the moment you find that one thing you love doing, make sure you put it in practice and be determined, one day your star will shine and your talent will speak for you. Don't be scared of obstacles because, they are bound to come. Be modest, be humble and most especially always put yourself in prayer. You will surely get there.

Kemi Mobuse blog: Lastly. How can you be contacted?

Obagoo Bespoke: You can always reach me via
Bbm: 5EE805C6
Whatsapp: 08033157230
Instagram: @obagoo_bespoke

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  1. Nice one!!! You always had it in school. Lovely looking shoes I must add.