To be a graduate, i had to keep coping with the hearing loss, and i did! my story continues......Part 9

By Kemi Mobuse - Sunday, April 03, 2016

There at last! i made a friend, a very naughty and overly curious friend i might add, but if not for God who used her to bless me, am not sure, i would have finished with a second class upper like i did, i was very close to a first class, but i used my hearing loss as an excuse to put in less effort.

So, that day, i met Tope Ibrahim (now nee), was a day of new beginnings for me, i however refused tope's invitation to spend the night at her place, her reason being that; she is scared of sleeping alone, having had her sisters as sleeping partners back at home, i wondered aloud instead, that, isn't she supposed better off sleeping alone than sleeping with a stranger?

Anyway, next day. things got a little better and life a little brighter. That day, Tope who has a knack for being blunt, poked me gently in my ear, and asked, why do i have a Bluetooth on? i replied, that, that was no Bluetooth, but my hearing aid. she quickly followed up with a barrage of questions, curious to know what happened, how and the rest of my story. Suffice to say, she has my hearing history in her hands, by the close of that day.

Now,I finally have a new friend, one to sit with in class, that i can also easily dub her note during lectures, but, Tope's writing was barely eligible for me to read, especially when she is writing very fast, so i managed to compensate by also listening to the lecturer as well.

Next day, God sent another friend my way, Jemmy Imana (also nee) another wonderful personality, am proud to call a friend till date, she is the CEO Of Jemmies Impression by the way, just thought you should know,lol! Thankfully, Jemmy's handwriting was very clear, so i dubbed her note to my heart content and barely listened in class that day,hehe! You shouldn't be surprised to know that, the next day and many more days after that, i reserved a space for jemmy, while dragging Tope along, and she didn't mind.

Basically, between Tope and Jemmy, my days were bearable. Tope, who happens to be a people's magnet introduced me to a lot of people, and the fact that tope and jemmy were so accepting of me, especially because i never made a big deal of me using hearing aids, i began to loosen up.

Then came a day in school, i decided to pack my hair up and expose my hearing aid, for people to see, i got a lot of openly curious stares actually, three or more people poked me in the ear rudely and asked, what is this?that got me pissed off, and all they got in response from me, was a killer look.
one or two asked me politely, what am wearing in my ear, and i replied with a straight face, that its a Bluetooth!. i even pretended to be receiving calls on it, while i was leaving their presence.

I realized, there and then, that; this is my life, solely mine, and i owe no one any explanation as to how, i  choose to live it. i was totally not interested in launching into my life history every second someone asked about my ears, and needless to say, that was the winning attitude that set me free!
I made tons of friends after that, and it was after they knew me , for a long while that i satisfied their curiosities....

Then, something happened! i met a guy...... to be continued

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  1. Awwwwwww! So sweet.
    "Then came a day in school, i decided to pack my hair up and expose my hearing aid, for people to see, i got a lot of stares actually, three or more people poked me in he ear rudely and asked, what is this?" I can relate with that, it happened too to me while still in uni. That moment you will have to sit and tell stories to whoever asked,sigh!!!