The desire to help people achieve a healthier lifestyle inspired my Brand - CEO Omnutri

By Kemi Mobuse - Tuesday, April 26, 2016

If there is one thing, i can say for myself, its that 'I Love Milk'. Everyone close to me, knows this fact, and has learnt to keep their milk at bay, whenever i'm around. Else, il just grab a spoon and start licking away with relish! hehe! I just can't help it. 

You can just imagine my delight, when i was opportune to come across a beautifully packaged bottle of milk on Instagram. My special antennae went into overdrive and i quickly delved deeper to uncover the brain behind the brand, and i got lucky to grab an exclusive with her...Excerpts below: 

KMB: Can We Meet You?
Hi! Yes, my name is Mena Imasekha.

KMB: What Do You Do?
I’m an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and the Founder of Omnutri a healthy lifestyle brand that makes raw organic almond mylk and raw vegan brownies.

KMB:  What Inspired Your Business?
A couple of things: a passion for health and wellness, the desire to see people afford yummy healthy snacks, the desire to help people achieve a healthier lifestyle and the people around me doing their own thing.

KMB: What Is the Name of Your Brand and How Old Is It?
Omnutri. We are almost 1 year old.

KMB: What Benefits Do Your Drinks Offer?
Our almond mylks offers so many benefits that I don’t know where to start. We created each flavour with special abilities in mind. For instance, the Cacao is great for pregym/post gym workouts. It’s made with raw cacao powder, which has so many antioxidants that it’s actually classed as superfood. It also contains Maca Powder, another superfood, which boosts your stamina/endurance and energy levels. An added plus is that our Cacao mylk is also anti-aging and beautifying. Our Matcha mylk is made with Grade A Japanese Matcha Green Tea and one bottle is the equivalent to several cups of green tea. So, not only does it boost your metabolism, it also increases the rate at which stored fat is used for energy and because of its chlorophyll content it also has a detoxifying component.  Our Vanilla mylk is simply the sweetened version of our Plain Almond mylk. It’s made with real vanilla bean pods, which gives it this really lovely smooth flavour. It’s beautifying and energizing and great for people who don’t want to add sugar to their cereal because it’s already sweetened with dates. We made our Plain Almond mylk the best it could be, free from additives and preservatives, with simply raw organic almonds and spring water, which is what gives it its super refreshing taste. This mylk is good for your heart. It’s also a great alternative for those who are lactose intolerant.

KMB:  Are They All Naturally Made, or Contains Additives?
All our products are free from additives and preservatives. We wanted people to experience the beauty of nature in our foods, free from contaminants and not so good for you chemicals.

KMB: Do You Have an Outlet, or Strictly Made to Order?
We currently stock at the Simply Green Juice Bar on Musa Yar’adua and Aima’s Organic Box in 1004 Estate all in Lagos. We are also available for pre-order at L’epicerie and will be stocking at the Supermarket on Cameron   road soon.
KMB: What Major Challenge Have You Experienced and What Did You Learn From Them?
It was pretty hard doing everything by myself when I first started, after the first 6 months I think I might have almost died, just kidding, but I was very exhausted. But then, I made the decision to expand the team and that freed up my time to chase other company goals and balance my life and energy, which is really important in the long run not only for oneself but also for the future of one’s company.

KMB: Any Other Products We Should Look Forward to In The Future From Your Brand?
Well more flavours of almond mylk for one.  Secondly, we are looking to be a holistic source of wellness, which means expanding out of the snack section into other areas. We can’t say too much right now, but it’s very exciting.

KMB: Any Advice for Future Entrepreneurs?
Yes stay true to your dreams and yourself. Also, be your own champion because sometimes people won’t see your vision until it becomes great. Lastly, surround yourself with the right kind of people to support you, as you will need it along the way.

KMB:  How Can You Be Contacted?
We can be reached by email: or by phone 08188675296
Instagram: @omnutri

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