So that guy decided to leave and i realized life need to go story part 11

By Kemi Mobuse - Friday, April 22, 2016

So, Adek decided to leave UNAAB to another school, after spending just a few months, i guess it was because the course he applied for, wasn't the one, he was offered by the school, truth is, neither did i. I applied to read Computer science and the university instead offered me admission to read Animal Nutrition.

I was like; What the heck????/ Do i look like i love animal??? Ugh! i just resolved to apply for a change of course to my course of choice in my second year, later on. Adek's own was even worse, i think he was offered Plant Physiology, hehe! the poor guy just couldn't deal.

Meanwhile. Tope and Jemmy didn't get off the hook either. Tope got offered Horticulture, while Jemmy got Agric Economics. lol! to say we were depressed was saying something, but we all had same resolve, to change over later.

So Adek, decided to leave, and there was nothing i could do about it, i realized, how heavily i have come to rely on him, in my mind sef, i was so sure we would graduate together, and so did he. But, God has other plans, along the way, He showed me, that no one should ever take His place, only Him would be my support and only Him, am i allowed to rely heavily on. and He never let me down. This was a lesson that i refused to learn early on and i can tell you free of charge that God is more stubborn than i thought, lol! He showed me pepper, but it was all with Love and i learned my lesson the hard way.

Anyway, as the days dragged by, i was become scared, depressed and a feeling of helplessness overwhelmed me. The main campus just looked sooooo big and scary to me, and i felt so lost. registration went by in a blur, i stuck to Adek's side, every step of the way, and on days he refused to come to school, i dragged myself after Tope and Jemmy. At last, registration was done with, it was time to settle down for lectures.

On the first day, i entered the lecture hall, i nearly fainted, it was really big and long, and the distance from the back seat to the lecturer's table was like the distance from Akure to Lagos in my mind, infact, right there, i thought, i might as well leave school, because i was sure i would fail flat and my degree will just be  a dream. Thank God for His strength though, i actually finished with a second Class Upper to the Glory of God.

But right there, i was resolved and determined, that; the reason, that made me  to run away from home, is enough to make me sit through all sort of tortures and whatever i  had to endure in order to get myself a good degree.

So i went back in and sat down with Tope, Jemmy and another of my good friend, Cynthia. I suggested to them, to let us sit in the front, and they obliged me. On that day, half of what the lecturer said flew over ears. I decided to turn on my hearing aids volume, and perked my ears forward to hear well, all i heard to me was gibberish, they didn't make much sense, but once in a while, i caught a word here and there, and that for me was victory!

I realized there and then, that, University life was going to be tougher that i think. SO, i decided to flow with the tide. I resolved to be as aloof as possible, and i limit my smiling and talkativeness to my circle of friends, and those i was acquainted with, from our Pre-degree days.
People kept staring at me weirdly, and more than once, someone will poke me rudely in my ear to ask about the ornament am adorning my ear with, someone once even asked, if its compulsory i wear it ni, that its not attractive, i also got asked, if am deaf, why don't i have surgery on the said ear, i had to calmly explain to him, that, No Mr, am not deaf, I'm hard of hearing, and if you don't know what that means, then google is your friend! then stormed off.

The most annoying one yet, was when someone asked, if she can try my hearing aid and see if its works. I had to ask her, if she wasn't given toys as a kid? I was nasty to a lot of people, i had to be, else, i would just get more depressed daily. Because, i can barely cope when all my three friends are talking at once, so , i console myself, by finding solace in books or playing games on my phone. I felt alone, even in the midst of people, and almost everyday, i get home, i ran to my bed and cried my eyes out. being strong is getting to me and i still have years to go......

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