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By Kemi Mobuse - Saturday, April 23, 2016

For someone who has not studied art, looking at a painting or a sculpture especially if its abstract, can be an experience similar to staring at an alien. Yep, an art major may enjoy paintings, sculptures, prints, designs, photography, and other forms of visual art simply because he has studied art. On the other hand, a non-art major may not be able to appreciate those art forms because he doesn’t understand the elements of art involved.

That is why the CEO of Creative Safari, through her art hopes to help promote creative exploration and handmade artistry. She explained more about this in her interview with KMB, excerpts below: 

Kemi Mobuse blog: Can we meet you?
Creative Safari: My name is Ayo Fanimokun and I'm a Creative Entrepreneur.

Kemi Mobuse blog: what do you do?
Creative Safari: I own a handmade jewelry business called Circa 64, an invitation design company called Soiree Stationery, and I have a new startup called Creative Safari - an Arts and Crafts company that promotes creative exploration and handmade artistry.
Kemi Mobuse blog: What inspired your going into this field?
Creative Safari: I've always been creatively inclined. Since childhood I have enjoyed drawing, painting, crafting and generally working with my hands.
Kemi Mobuse blog: What was starting out like for each of your brand?

Creative Safari: With the jewelry business - Circa 64, I started out selling to family and friends.
With Soiree Stationery, I designed and created a range of invitation samples, built a website, created a Facebook page to showcase the samples and took part in a few expo's/exhibitions. I started getting calls, and from there a lot of word of mouth recommendations
My newest venture - Creative Safari, is an idea I have been nurturing for years. We are starting off by offering a series of arts and crafts workshops in a variety of creative mediums.

Kemi Mobuse blog: And what major challenges did you experienced?

Creative Safari: Honestly, the challenges are pretty much the same across the board: Staff issues, funding and general 'Naija factors,' such as power supply, or the lack thereof.

Kemi Mobuse blog: More importantly, what have you gained from such challenges?
Creative Safari: What I've learned is that you just have to keep going, while doing your best to find newer and more innovative/efficient ways of getting things done.

Kemi Mobuse blog: What is a typical day like for you?

Creative Safari: A typical day - wake up, pray, get ready for the day, tackle my to do list and try my best to stay on track and organized.

Kemi Mobuse blog: Where do you see your brand in 5years?

Creative Safari: In 5 years, I see Creative Safari as having created a positive social impact by empowering our youth with valuable skill acquisition programs through our series of creative workshops and offerings. Our goal is to provide training that will help young entrepreneurs start new creative enterprises, or enhance already existing ones.

Kemi Mobuse blog: Any advice for future entrepreneurs?

Creative Safari: My advice for future entrepreneurs is to find something you are truly passionate about and go for it.

Kemi Mobuse blog: Lastly, how can you be contacted?
Creative Safari: Contact info: Instagram: @my.creative.safari
Facebook: /my.creative.safari,
Tel: 08026888826, 09080888826

Pictures below:

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