Meet the Nigerian Youth who offers free legal assistance to the oppressed!

By Kemi Mobuse - Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Fight for me is a scheme designed by Channel of Hope Initiative to protect people’s rights. The scheme will provide you with a lawyer to fight for you no matter where you are located. As a well-established not-for profit in the area of providing access to justice, we have helped hundreds of people to defend their rights through prompt legal action.

The scheme is aimed at raising a pool of funds to meet our objective of access to justice.
With as little as #1000 subscription fee, we can provide you with:
1. Our 24 hour Legal Advice helpline
2. Legal backup against landlord/tenant matters including unlawful evictions.
3. Protection against undue creditors harassment.
4. Legal backup against employee/employer related matters.
5. Legal protection in case of domestic violence.
6. Legal backup against police related matters and unlawful arrest and detention.
7. Legal assistance in probate regisry (i.e COHI will assist you in obtaining Letters of administration in the event of the death of someone to which you are entitled to collect letters of administration of estate)
8. Legal backup against traffic related matters
9. Legal representation in civil/criminal court.
Note that subscription is renewable every month. The first 100 subscribers will have 3 months active benefit.
For further inquiries: Call 09095270370, 07086546038, 0812234833, 08088218833 or Email :

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