Meet the made in Naija Rice : Naija Sweet Rice®

By Kemi Mobuse - Monday, April 18, 2016

Newliferice® and Newliferice Naija Sweet Rice® are registered trademarks of The Factory Company Ltd (Foods) , Nigeria’s fastest growing rice packaging and distribution company, based in Lagos and fast evolving into becoming a major rice supplier, rice exporter and distributor in Nigeria,Africa and the global market.

Their rice has Low Starch, High Carbohydrate and is Triple Sortexed. They Soft Cook, have a Great Price coupled with a Great Taste variety as well as a Sweet, Pleasant Aroma. Grown in the rich Nigerian Soil and processed in high grade mills to be super clean and devoid of any stone, debris or foreign matter.

Their present products include; The 750g x 24 Newliferice Naija Sweet Rice retails at 6,000 while the 5kg retails at 15,000 and 1kg Newliferice Premium Quality Parboiled Rice,  which retails at 4,500.

The 750g bag Contains 4+ cups (175g/cup) of Naija Sweet Rice, with its unique great taste and affordable pricing, each cup offers you 656 calories of energy to be active and each pack is fitted with a resealable ziplock feature to keep the contents fresh.

To enjoy the culinary pleasures of their brand, you can call, email or simply order online, they deliver to any major city within Nigeria within 24-72 hours of receiving your order.
The Factory Company Ltd (Foods) are building a network of rice retailers and distributors throughout Nigeria, Africa and selected cities in Europe and the USA.

So, if you are a grocer, food retailer, or interested in being a part of their network of rice distributors, please contact them to know the various classes of distributorship opportunities. They have various classes of dealership programs ranging from the exclusive distributor within a zoned territory to a micro distributor working with a simple retail stand displayed in store or outside your house, call or send them a mail today to determine the business opportunities that exist at Newliferice.

Store #305, Daleko Rice Market
Daleko-Mushin, Lagos State,

234-704 529 8326

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