Mark Zuckerberg laid out Facebook's 10 year roadmap

By Kemi Mobuse - Wednesday, April 13, 2016

According to the Founder and CEO of Facebook:

At our F8 conference this morning I laid out Facebook's 10 year roadmap and everything we're building to make the world more open and connected. 
We announced new technology like Messenger bots that use artificial intelligence to make it easier to communicate with businesses. Now you'll be able to send messages to a business like you do with a friend -- and get a quick reply without taking your full attention or requiring you to install a new app. 
We also opened up the Live API. This means that you can stream live video from any device directly to Facebook.Over the long run, we're building planes and satellites to connect everyone to the internet; artificial intelligence to help us interact with services more easily; and virtual reality to help us experience the world in a totally new way.
I've always believed that giving more people a voice makes the world a better place, and I'm excited about the future we're all building together.

The billionaire and young entrepreneur continued: 
This speech was personally important to me and I spent a lot of time writing it. Even if it's unusual for a CEO to address world issues and lay out a 10 year roadmap to improve them, I care deeply about connecting the world and bringing people together, so I wanted to put this out there. It's different from any other speech I've given.
It's about why connecting the world is more important now than ever. It's about having the courage to choose hope over fear. This isn't about any one person or country. It's a worldview about connecting all people and nations. And it's a roadmap to help get there.
I hope that after you watch this you're as optimistic about the future as I am.

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