I had to sell a pair of my gold earrings to be a able to afford the training fee - CEO Omoge Collections

By Kemi Mobuse - Monday, April 18, 2016

Entrepreneurs don't wait for support, they create it - Eric Woore. This is exactly what the CEO of Omoge Collections did. When, she realized that, to survive in this economy of ours, she decided to take the bulls by the horn, and jump start her business, BUT, she had no money to register and undergo the training required. There was no stopping her however, she chose survival over vanity and off to the market she goes..... 

Read the rest of her story from the interview she had with KMB below:

Kemi Mobuse blog: Can we meet you? 

Fascinators By Omoge: I'm Doris Nwagwu.
Kemi Mobuse blog: What do you do? 

Fascinators By Omoge: I'm an artisan. .. A crafts woman
Kemi Mobuse blog: What exactly do you produce with your craft? 

Fascinators By Omoge: I make Accessories. ..Millinery. (Hat making)
And Beaded jewelry.
Kemi Mobuse blog: What inspired your going into this field? 

Fascinators By Omoge: My love for fashion and Creativity. ..and I also discovered at a very early stage that I love to make things with my hands. .it actually started with me sketching things and drawing.

Kemi Mobuse blog: What is the name of your brand and how old is it? 

Fascinators By Omoge: It's Omoge Collections. It's officially 6yrs..now.

Kemi Mobuse blog: What inspired your choice of name?
Fascinators By Omoge: Ohh..It’s actually a pet name. .given to me by my Dad..so most of my family and friends call me “omoge”.  So I decided to use my pet name as my brand name😊
Kemi Mobuse blog: How was starting up for you? And how did you go about it? 

Fascinators By Omoge: It wasn't really easy. ...I was unemployed. For several years...so I decided to turn my hobby into business.
But first, I knew I needed to acquire some professional skills. But at that time I couldn't afford the training fee. So, I had to sell a pair of my gold earrings to be able to afford the training fee. Then subsequently I was supported by my immediate family.
Kemi Mobuse blog: How has the market reception been? 

Fascinators By Omoge: It's been impressive. It's really improved now.
It wasn't so interesting at the beginning. ..But they're looking better these days. We had to take it a step at a time. .

Kemi Mobuse blog: What major challenges have you experienced since starting out? 
Fascinators By Omoge: Availability of quality materials for work. .
And poor pricing.
Kemi Mobuse blog: Given a chance to start over, what do you wish you would have done differently?
Fascinators By Omoge: To be sincere I have no regrets at all.
Cos I believe it's a growing process. I believe in one step at a time. ..There’s always room for growth and improvements
Kemi Mobuse blog: Any advice for future entrepreneurs?

Fascinators By Omoge: Yes...nothing good. Comes easy...they should be hard working, prayerful, and always improve their skills at every given opportunity.
Persistence , and patience is also key.
There's no magic to being successful. It’s a step at a time.

Kemi Mobuse blog: Lastly, how can you be contacted?
Fascinators By Omoge: 08093333112,08066550010

More pictures below: 

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