How do you love your Grills? Want them Spicy, hot and Delicious? Lala's Grill delivers all that and more.....O ta lenu!

By Kemi Mobuse - Friday, April 15, 2016

One aspect of  an occasion that i have always looked forward to with relish is the small chops or Grills time. It just has a way of making my day fulfilled and it makes my tummy give a heavy belch of satisfaction!

Thankfully, we have evolved, and don't have to wait for occasions, before we can satisfy all the cravings we have..i once happened upon a picture of a yummy plate of chips and grilled fish while browsing on Instagram, i could already feel myself, salivating at the sight, i decided to dig deeper and find out the brains behind this brand, especially when i came across wonderful reviews about it....

Trust me,i got lucky...His name is Rotimi Adewumi,the CEO of Lala's Grill, he was a hard one to get to sit still, but i eventually got him to say a few words....

On His choice of Name.

Lala's Grill: You know that reaction you get when you taste a supremely delicious food? Our bbq certainly makes you roll your eyes and go Oh la la!  in other words; O ta lenu!

On how He started out.

Rotimi Lala's Grill: Wow. I definitely remember the beginning it wasn't easy at all. Getting all the right equipment , location, staff etc
But I must say. At the beginning I didn't approach it as a business. It was more of following my passion.

On his inspiration on starting on going into this business.

I'm a serious foodie. And I've had my fair share of extremely bad bbq at parties
So I thought it's better i give in to what my entire family and friends have always said to me which is.. Rotimi the world needs to have a taste of this.

On their menu.

Rotimi Lala's Grill: We serve all grills with our lala's Grill special sauce.
Our BBQ fish is served with fresh potatoes never frozen,Ketchup, parsley & special sauce and it Is best enjoyed with fresh undiluted palmwine
Same goes with our bbq Chicken or turkey.
Our Asun is best enjoyed with fried plantain.
All three goes down even better when washed down with our palm wine, which is always served fresh and never diluted in our traditional calabash.

On how affordable their grills are:

On how they can be contacted?
Twitter: @lalas_grills
Phone No: 08132492906, 09053050455, 08121416565
Instagram: @lalas_grills

Customer's testimonials: 

More pictures below: 


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