Do you want a personalized touch on your items for those special Occasions think AREGEN DESIGN DEPARTMENT ADD+

By Kemi Mobuse - Tuesday, April 19, 2016

When Val came around this year, I worried myself into a stupor, thinking about what to give my husband, I have showered the poor guy with soooo many singlets, briefs, handkies, t-shirts, knickers, you name it, shoe, clothes,perfumes and even socks, that; am pretty sure he now dreads any occasion coming up again! Lol! You can't blame a babe though, those are usually the first thoughts that comes to mind, when you need to gift your man something. After-all, a bird in hand .......i digress...

So, this val came, and met me racking all the nooks and crannies of my brain. then bam! something popped up on my IG page. I had to give myself a good knock on the head,for not thinking of it before. A personalized and monogrammed gift set! and that was exactly what i gave him, i wrote a flowery poet on his mug and a picture and monogrammed the rest of his gifts.

Husby was just grinning from ear to ear and till date, that is the only thing he drinks from, his mug!

So, can you just imagine, doing same for your loved ones, like when you or someone you now is getting married, how about putting personal touches on the souvenirs you want to give out, the bridal shower gifts, the request to be on your train, your birthday invitation, or just want to light up someone's face with a gesture? You can do all these, without breaking the bank. Think AREGEN DESIGN DEPARTMENT ADD+.

They are a lagos based design studio Services that are into Branding, Logo Design, Packaging, Wedding&Events and more. They are innovative, creative and affordable too.

Holler @them today and thank me later, hehe!

 Address: 81, Ajayi Road, Off Yaya Abata, Ogba, Lagos (9am-5pm) 
Instagram: @aregen_
Check out some of their work:

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