Do you love Culture? Then, check out these "Raw Urban" Kitchen Collection by the Aga Concepts

By Kemi Mobuse - Tuesday, April 26, 2016

mortar + pestle | handle bowl | maasai long spoon |
The raw urban™ kitchen collection by the Aga Concepts was inspired by culture and everyday simple living, each object was designed intuitively using locally sourced raw material, hand crafted and finished to give that raw organic look and feel, the color detail gives it that urban contemporary touch, in today's busy lifestyle and hi-tech age we wanted to create a product that brings a sort of calmness to the user. 

Inspired by culture it connects the user to where we are coming from as a people and where we are heading, connecting the past, the present and the future.

On where he got the inspiration from...

The brain behind the brand_ Olubunmi Adeyemi said: 
"I've always been fascinated about design and creativity from a very young age, I remember flicking through design magazines, watching my father work in his architectural studio and fiddling with his cool gadgets....he has been and still is a great influence in my journey as a designer..." 
The woods used for these collections are locally sourced and purchased straight from Ekiti State in Nigeria.

For orders & Enquiries; send a mail to 


a multi-functional object used for chopping those juicy vegetables or flip it to display your favorite spices while cooking 

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