Are you dealing with hearing issues? Speech Impairment? or knows someone who is? Here is your chance to talk to a Specialist

By Kemi Mobuse - Saturday, April 30, 2016


A lot of people who know me personally knew my history and are well aware; of my battle of dealing with hearing loss. I am a better person today because i had faith in a living God, the belief that; He had great plans for me,kept me going.

 As a result, i chose surround myself only with people who understand me, and for those who didn't, but were willing to do so, i also gave them a chance to know me and my issues and right now, i am Thankful because, i have certainly, come way farther than i ever dreamed, and unless, i tell you, that i had issues hearing properly, no one will be any wiser.

Just last year, i had a life changing procedure that i will document eventually in my hearing journey story, right here on the blog. That procedure, to the Glory of God, has helped me far more than i ever thought possible. but, what i never knew, was the degree to which, my hearing loss has affected my speech. No, i don't stutter, I'm perfectly fluent in my spoken languages, but, my pronunciations of a few words were wrong, simply because i haven't "heard" the proper intonations. It actually takes a professional to notice, and he did. As a result, i am currently undergoing therapy, to work on my speech and improve my communications all around.

And barely two weeks after i started, a lot of people noticed the changes in the way i talk and i decided to go further and bring my therapist to the limelight, for a chance for other people to benefit from him, just like i did.


Meet Promise Okonkwo, an audiologist and a speech therapist. If you are suffering from hearing issues, here is your chance to ask a real doctor, you do not have to talk to me, go ahead and talk to him, i assure you, he is perfectly versed in his job, and if he can help me, he can help you too. 

KMB was privileged to get him to sit a little for an exclusive and the excerpts are here below for your reading pleasure;

KMB: Can we meet you? 
Promise OkonkwoMy name is Promise Okonkwo
KMB: What do you do? 
Promise OkonkwoI’m an Audiologist/ Speech Language Therapist
KMB: What inspired your going into this field?
Promise OkonkwoWell, sincerely my first love was to be an Economist, but to cut the long story short, along the line I found myself doing Audiology and Speech Pathology. I got thrilled by the gift of hearing in my second year in school, and then I decided to settle for Audiology.
KMB: Where did you school and how long have you been practicing?
Promise Okonkwo:University of Ibadan and this is my 3rd year in practice.
KMB: As an audiologist, how can you help a patient who just discovered they have hearing problems?
Promise OkonkwoIt all depends on the kind of hearing problem. For ear infections which can result into ear pains, the individual will have to see an Otologist/ENT for otological management. But for a hearing loss, the individual will be referred to see an Audiologist who will conduct a hearing evaluation to ascertain the degree and type of loss, before taking the next line of action.
KMB: What do you think are the major causes of hearing loss and how can it be averted?
Promise OkonkwoExposure to loud noise, head trauma due to an accident, aging (Presbycusis), virus or disease, Familial history of hearing loss, ototoxic drugs, occupational hazards e.t.c.
For individuals working in a noisy environment, ear protection should be worn always; people should stop abusing drugs, because this could be dangerous to their hearing. Be alert to some of these warning signs which could suggest that you have been exposed to hazardous noise, when one hears ringing or buzzing sound in the ear, experiencing fullness in the ears.
KMB: Is hearing loss hereditary?
Promise OkonkwoYes, if it runs in the family it could actually be passed on to the next generation
KMB: Would hearing instruments help? What types are available?
Promise OkonkwoYes, depending of the degree of loss. There are Hearing aids, Cochlear Implants, Middle ear implants, Auditory Brainstem Implants
KMB: What major advice can you give to someone dealing with hearing issues?
Promise OkonkwoFor individuals dealing with hearing loss, they need to know that hearing loss is part of life, there are solutions and they can still enjoy better hearing. 
KMB: As a speech therapist, what do you do?
Promise OkonkwoI evaluate the impact of hearing loss on communication function and train persons with communication disorders on how to improve their communication skills. I also counsel individuals with hearing loss and communication problems
KMB: How can you identify someone in need of speech therapist?
Promise OkonkwoThrough assessment and evaluation
KMB: And how can you help?
Promise Okonkwo: Engage them in speech therapy to improve their speech and communication.
KMB: How will you know if the person is eventually ok and has benefited from your session?
Promise OkonkwoThe improvement is obvious, I will know and the patient will also know
KMB: Any advice for someone dealing with hearing/speech issue?
Promise OkonkwoThe issue of hearing health is very important, visit a hearing specialist today and ask for a hearing test. For individual with speech issues see a speech pathologist for support.
KMB: How can you be contacted? 
Promise OkonkwoI can be contacted via, Email.-,
Tel- +2348030493423,

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