Are you an aspiring Fashion Designer? Then, you need to see this!

By Kemi Mobuse - Friday, April 15, 2016

Do you love fashion?!  Then you should turn your love for fashion into a viable business by registering for Martwayne's upcoming Fashion Courses.

We have great Courses lined up and they are perfect for Beginners with no prior knowledge of fashion or sewing and practising designers who want to improve and perfect their sewing skills and run stronger and more profitable fashion businesses.

PLUS we are launching our first Menswear Course coming up and it promises to be excellent!

Here are the Courses and their start dates:

25th April: Beginners Course 

Our popular Foundation Course in Fashion Design kicks off with its 1st Course - the Beginners Course.  It is the first of 5 levels and is for complete novices without prior knowledge of sewing.  This is the Course for you if you want to start a career in the Fashion Industry or considering it as a hobby. 

Fees for the Beginners Course are N63,500 and includes your toolkit and a refundable caution fee of N10,000.

27th April: Bodices and Dressmaking Course

If you can already sew but would like to perfect your skills, learn how to create clothes with a perfect factory finish, understand pattern-making or have a more professional approach to running your business, this course is perfect for you.  

The Course is in 2 parts and the fees for for Part 1 only are: N68,500.  It also includes your toolkit and a refundable caution fee of N10,000.

9th May: Fashion Entrepreneurship Course (Volumes 1-8)

Our Fashion Entrepreneurship Course (FEC) is a 5-day Course which teaches the step-by-step process involved in starting a clothing line.  It covers the creative to the business sides of running a fashion business and is perfect for aspiring designers as well as practising designers struggling with their fashion businesses.

You can choose to register for the topic(s) which addresses your needs directly OR register for all of them and get a 15% discount off the fees for registrations by 4th of May, 2016.  The topics are:

FEC 1: Understanding Fashion, the Industry, its Related Fields; & The Design & Production Process - N12,500 
FEC 2: How to Develop Your Designs from Scratch & Communicating Them to Your Production Team - N12,500
FEC 3: Understanding & Choosing Colours & Fabrics from Your Clothing Line - N12,500
FEC 4: How to Start Your Own Clothing Line - A Look at the Clothing Manufacturing Process - N10,000 
FEC 5: How to GET the Funds You Need to Start Your Own Clothing Line (Generating Funds from Within) - N10,000
FEC 6:  How to Sell Your Clothes & Make a Profit on Your Clothing Line - N10,000
FEC 7:  Building Business Structures for Your Clothing Line - a look at the Accounting, Tax, Legal and Administrative Sides to Running a Fashion Business - N12,500
FEC 8:  Dealing with "Horror" Customers in Your Fashion Business - N10,000

Please note that this is not a Sewing Class.  

18th & 21st May: Design & Illustration with Computer-Aided Design -Ladieswear Option Only

If you want to step up your creative abilities and learn how to come up with your designs, learn how to draw from scratch an edits your designs using a computer software, this Course is for you.  The weekday option is twice a week while the weekend option is on Saturdays only (2 sessions per day).   

The full Course costs N85,000 (including the digital graphic tablet) but there are also options within the Course if you maybe want the Manual Illustration only or the CAD Option only.  Please note that this is not a Sewing Course.

21st May: Fashion Illustration with Computer-Aided Design - Menswear Option Only 

This Course is targeted at menswear designers. It is also suitable for complete beginners as well as illustrators who want to improve their illustration skills, using a Design software.  Only the weekend option is available for now and classes will be on Saturdays only with 2 sessions per day.  The fees for this Course are N70,000 (including the graphic tablet) but you will need your laptop. This is also not a Sewing Course.

For more details on any of these Courses, please contact us on 0903 498 5877 / 0818 395 8856; WhatsApp: 0809 787 6075; Blackberry: 2AC0E9AD or via E-Mail: / or simply click on the link:

We are also available on social media at the following handles: Instagram: @martwayne
Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Google +: @martwaynedotcom

Thank you so very much!  We look forward to you joining us! 

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