Ugh! Being hard of hearing sucks!!! part 3

By Kemi Mobuse - Wednesday, March 02, 2016

So there i was, done with Secondary school, not knowing what tomorrow holds, or how i was going to survive with being hard of hearing, but i had faith', that, all would be well, because i know Him who owns tomorrow and i know He owns my life.

To the Glory of God! i finished secondary school, did my valedictory and it was time to go home. i was flooded with relief, no more taunts, no more hiding, no more boys playing me, no more tears, all i had to go on was my hope in God.

Then the struggle began, when the WASSCE result was released, i passed 8 of my 12 subjects at one sitting, but failed in my core subjects, being a science student, i couldn't gain admission without Maths,English,Physics & Chemistry.

I was stunned, but i remembered, they were the first four subjects we sat for in the WASSCE, and we were all really scared starting out.
so, there i was, being enrolled back into another school, to resit my WASSCE, there was fear in my heart all i could think of was that, will i have to go through this again?

To make matter worse, i reconnected with my pry school classmates in my new, including my one time crush, but i was crushed, because, i was no longer the carefree kid they grew up with in pry school. i just had a lot in my head, i had a lot of fears going on within me, but no one to share them with.

After, a while, i struggled to make friends who will truly understand me, and let me sit with them, so as to make it easy for me to catch up in class, and i got lucky with two special friends of mine .
They understood perfectly and made it easy for me, so so i thought back then, before i realised, at the end, there was only so much, that, friends can do for us, because being hard of hearing takes its toll on people around you, and not you alone.

while preparing to resit my WASSCE, the opportunity to take the NECO examination, came up, it was the first of its kind ever the, and i was very sure, that, every single person who took the exam will pass, and they all did. some almost getting 150/100, lol!

 I remembered registering, but i don't know till this day, how i missed the rest of the vital process involved. and guess what?  I studied and prepared hard with everyone else, i think one of my friends asked me some questions back then, regarding my registration number or something similar, i said i wasn't given any, i felt a little uneasy, thinking within myself, have i missed out on something? 

Until the day of the examination came, i searched for my name and venue in vain, everyone else went in, and i just stood there, staring , till when the examiner came to me and asked me, if i was sure i registered, i answered indignantly, that i did, how dare he suggest, am a prop?' he searched for my name, left and right, up and down, everywhere. but there was no KAJERO at all on the lists of names. there i was, with tears running down my cheeks, dejected, and feeling angry because once again, my ears failed me....

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  1. Lol!Menzo, what is on your mind?

  2. I'm sighing! Wanna know the rest of the story. Ds suspense no b here o..

  3. This story is ur testimony. Thanks for sharing.