Being hard of hearing, my story continues.... part 4

By Kemi Mobuse - Saturday, March 05, 2016

So, there I was, feeling really depressed and totally beaten, even more afraid to go home and face my father, that, once again, I lost out because of my hearing issues, and I couldn’t sit for my papers because I never registered….I paced up and down, trying to come up with the best way to phrase it to my dad, but then I realized, I had an even bigger worry at the moment, how do I face my class mates ? how do I tell them, I didn’t sit for the exams because I was hard of hearing, and I missed out on the call for registration? I doubt I will get over that embarrassment for years to come…meanwhile, time was going; I had to choose one between the two evils. 

At that moment, I choose to go home, after all, family will always be there, embarrassment or not.

When I got home, my father was not yet back from work, I hide in my room, dreading seeing the heavy disappointment in his eyes, when I did tell him…when he eventually got home, he smiled at me, but I was unable to smile back, I just blurted it out, and the disappointment I saw there made my heart break.

But at least, there it was, all said! A lot went down that day, but I was determined to move on and not let the same mistake happen again.

When I got to school on the Monday after, I told my friends, who felt very sorry for me and promised me that; they would do all in their power to make sure, this doesn’t happen again, as we prepare to write the WASSCE, but, even me, I was determined to seek all the help I could, so it wouldn’t happen again. And so, I set off to the principal office, I told him the whole story; he actually understood and consoled me, he also promised to do all in his power to make sure such doesn’t happen to me again, while I was in his school.

In spite of all that, I decided not to rely on anyone, but instead decided to own up to it and accept that; I am hard of hearing. Owing up to it, freed me up, and I started making friends, anyone I told about it, whenever  they were talking to me, tried to face me and speak clearly, though, I still had some insensitive friends, who mumbled or just spoke very fast, I didn’t let that bother me, I just ignored them completely and focused on something else.

WASSCE came , and I told my invigilators to let me know personally when to start writing, this, they all did, but I even I, I didn’t stay far away from the halls while preparing for  the next paper, meanwhile, also watching everyone like a hawk, but thankfully, to the Glory of GOD, WASSCE went without any hitch, time for UME…..

To be continued…. part 3 here, part 2 here, part 1 here.

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