Why should you give up??? check this out

By Kemi Mobuse - Friday, February 26, 2016

I came across these lovely foot wears on Facebook, promptly displayed it, so that poeple can think of buying 'made in Naija' footwear.
but now, here is something that will actually amaze you, these foot wears were not made by a fully able bodied guy like you and me.....

 Babatunde, the Shoe maker was left paralyzed after being shot by armed robbers. Instead of begging, the hardworking young man who is based in Lagos, ekes out a living by making sandals and slippers. 

why go for a palm slippers that can cost N 10,000 in conversion from dollars, when you can get one for even less of the same or better quality right here in Naija???

Save money today and  patronize him, here is his phone number:  (07035694304)

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