Why I love Kylie

By Kemi Mobuse - Saturday, February 27, 2016

She might just be just 18 years of age and the baby of the family, but you gotta hand it to Kylie Jenner, she is someone who knows how to cash in, and have lots of fun while doing it too.

She and her family, might not be ideal role models, but no one can deny, that; they know how to make money and make tons of it too.

Kylie at just 18 years old,:

  • Has a Fashion Label with her Sister Kendall;
  • Her own game
  • Her own Website and app which is even more successful than that of her famous sister Kim
  • Her recently started cooking show.
  • Her beauty line which include her widely sold out lip kit, read here
  • She is also a part of her Famous family's reality show which just debuted its 12th Season.

Point is, She may not have gotten her wealth or popularity the right or moral way, but she is certainly not allowing it to define her or even hold her back.

So, you out there, reading this, have faith in knowing that, you can be whatever you make up your mind to be, not letting your past, your present or circumstances dictate who you are, or should be, ONLY YOU can define YOU!.

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