What a woman can do, a man can do better...! says Timmy Royale, a male Baker & Caterer

By Kemi Mobuse - Sunday, February 28, 2016

Mr Timothy Arije is very determined to break boundaries and limits , by venturing into a world that has been occupied by women for decades, and i for one can see, he is doing a really great job.

KMB met with Mr Timothy, CEO of Timmy Royale, out of intrigue and i have to say , am awed, you can see for yourself and let us know your opinions.

Kemi Mobuse blog: Good Afternoon Mr Timmy, can we meet you

Timmy Royale: Yeah. My name is Timothy Arije,an Economics graduate from Redeemers university.
Presently I’m a caterer, I Prepare certain continental and intercontinental meals for parties, get together and stuff and also bake cakes for different occasions.

Kemi Mobuse: What is the name of your business?
Timmy Royale: Timmy royale

Kemi Mobuse blog: Why bake? This has always been widely believed to be a woman's occupation
Timmy Royale: Yeah u r right there u know, But that’s what people think
Well let me say it has been my hobby since I was little got the whole experience from watching my mom do all d work as a kid and also helping out
My belief is; what a woman can do a man can do it better.
Kemi Mobuse blog: Certainly true, that is one strong belief,lol!
Since when have you been in business? And how has it been so far
Timmy Royale: Lol! Yeah. Well I’ve been in this business for about 2 yrs now.i Started during my service year that was late 2013 to early 2014.
Although, I wasn’t so perfect then; but, as time went by I worked on myself.
Kemi Mobuse blog: That’s really nice to know, and I believe you now have a large following?
Timmy Royale: It has not been so forthcoming because I am still building my customer base,But, I can say it has grown over d years
And I would say I love what I do.
Kemi Mobuse blog: We are here to help and proclaim you to the world.
Timmy Royale: Hmm that’s great, how’s that? I mean how is that gonna work

Kemi Mobuse blog: I will feature your products on my blog; I will feature this interview as well
Timmy Royale: Ok
Kemi Mobuse blog: How do you want your customers to reach you?
Timmy Royale: 08135778886, ig handle - @timmyroyale email- arije_damilolar@yahoo.com, facebook page - arije tim damilolar
Kemi Mobuse blog: By the way, how delicious and affordable are these cakes?
Timmy Royale: Well I’ve had good testimonies about my cakes one of which is....and then the prices are dependent on d type and size needed
Kemi Mobuse blog: I as a lady, am certainly impressed, and we wish you the very best, you have a great occupation and you being a man is an added bonus.
Timmy Royale: Thank you very much. I appreciate the compliment.
Kemi Mobuse blog: It is nice meeting you Mr Timmy

Timmy Royale: Nice meeting you too Mrs Oluwakemi.

Also, see below some of his delicious looking cakes. 

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