The Bag I bought in Eko….

By Kemi Mobuse - Wednesday, February 24, 2016

While thinking of how to promote our made in naija stuffs, I just remembered, I bought a close to "real" leather bag in “Eko” market, if you live in Lagos, am pretty sure you are very familiar with the place.

I couldn’t believe my eyes, when I saw the bag was very close to a "real" leather, I performed my own version of  the usual “real” leather tests on the bag, scratching, biting,burning the edge and more, you name it, the bag simply refused to give in and stood its ground.

It was a beautiful hand clutch bag that you can shape shift into a folded purse. I got the bag from the trader for a sum of N2, 000, and I hastily walked away before the trader could change his mind and decide to call me back and say it’s not 2k, he planned to sell it, hehe! 
So, there I was with my “catch” which received a lot of compliments, and I was asked who the designer was?. I really wished I could have named the Trader, who made this beautiful bag, so that people will patronise him and who knows, he may get to buy some extra food for his family from the sale of more bags.

Its been almost a year and I, and the said bag are now real 'buddies'.

So, if you have anything solely made in Naija, let the world know you, let the world patronize you, lets help to give you a voice.

Like a saying I read somewhere,” If you don’t say, here I am, people won’t point at you and say, “there You are!”

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