Some made in Naija Goods that Nigerians can buy….

By Kemi Mobuse - Friday, February 26, 2016

With Naira and Dollars still battling out their supremacy battle, sigh!it is worthy of note for “naijarians” to know that, all hope is not lost, and actually, we have a lot more to offer ourselves than we believe.

Check out of these goods and foods that we can buy to encourage our talented countrymen…

IVM  Fox made by Innoson Vehicles Company (IVC) 

Lets leave Toyota, hyundai, Benz and co, for the their own country.

2.  Have you thought of beautiful bags created by "Naijarians".

3.  Don't forget, we have the likes of Good Morning oats, Our Delicious Gold custard as well. i can't think of anything better to chow down my meal of Akara ( bean cake) or moinmoin.

4.  You want a beautiful cupboard or furniture to decorate your children's room?
Think Made in Naija.

 you can look for the name and follow them on twitter.  

5.  What of that bed, that you came across on the web, and after visiting one of the numerous mega markets, sent you into a crying fit? Think Naija...

6. Thinking of how to make your skin fresher, softer and more attractive? Think Naija. and go natural. you will never regret you did.


You can check the owner of the products who resides here in Lagos on their  website.

7.  I especially can not begin my morning without thinking of my Nasco cornflakes.

and thankfully, we have a whole lots of  Flavours now there now, to satisfy different tastes.

There is a whole list of Made in Naija goods out there, to satisfy our needs, whatever they may be, so, why spend more, when you can get better, right here at home????

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