Meet the CEO of Jemmies Impression

By Kemi Mobuse - Tuesday, February 23, 2016

As promised, I will be showcasing naija talents, services, beauty, all of anything and everything that can empower us as individuals enabling us to be self sustained.

I’ll be starting with my friend of over a decade, Oizuanjeme Imana, a self made entrepreneur who has come a long way from the “opelenge “ that I knew way back then.

She is an Event Planner who also coaches people to be self sufficient, self reliant and encourages them to be boss of themselves. 

That is why, she is putting together this affordable training on
  • Event Management
  • Photography and 
  • Makeovers

Interested parties should hurry up and grab the available seats, because I heard she threw in some freebies. Yes!!!! I for one loves freebies.
Meanwhile, I will be here on the sideline eating popcorn with a bottle of coke, voraciously rooting for my friend…GO Jemmy!!!!! God bless you and prosper you Honey.

You can contact the brain behind this beautiful venture here and also contact her in the info showed in the picture below.

Meanwhile, if you are a self made naija entrepreneur in the making, or have already arrived, let us help you proclaim to the world, especially those ones busy chopping our naira that, we too can do it, we can make it and we can export it. 

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