Love Beautiful customized purses and bags?

By Kemi Mobuse - Sunday, February 28, 2016

January5ive creations caters to all your bags needs, they can make beautiful bags and purses according to your needs and customize perfectly to your taste.

KMB approached the CEO of January5ive creations, and here are excerpts from the interview; 

Good morning This is Kemimobuse blog

January5ive :Good morning ma'am
KemiMobuse blog: Can we meet you?
January5ive: My name's Yusuph Folashade. You can call me Shade for short. I am a bespoke bag and purse maker. What this simply means is that I make purses and bags according to a customer’s taste or desire but this is not to say that I imitate designs.
I have my own custom designs that can be modified to suit a customer's taste.
So for instance, if you bring me a design made from perhaps another designer to copy and make for you, I won't.
KemiMobuse blog: What is the name of your business?
January5ive: January5ive Creations
KemiMobuse blog: And how did you start january5ive creations?
January5ive: We are solely into bags and purses for now but we would be expanding into other aspects of fashion by the end of the year.
Kemi Mobuse blog: Ok
Is this your first business? And what was the start up process like?
January5ive: Well, I've worked for other people. I've worked in real estate, the banking sector and E-commerce and when I garnered all the experience I wanted, I decided to start up my own business.
Besides, I have always been a creative person so even while working in these other sectors that part of me was restless.
Initially, I was doing it alongside my day job but it became increasingly hard to strike a balance.
Don't get me wrong, there are jobs that you can conveniently manage with your day job but i'm not sure Arts and Craft is one of it.
So after doing a little business research and consumer analysis, I knew it was time to start up my own business.
KemiMobuse blog: Nice one dear, I understand. How will you like your customers to reach you
January5ive: My business line is 09080415705. Email address is
Then, there's Instagram. I make it a point of duty to respond to every comment. Instagram handle is @thej5cway .
Facebook page is
KemiMobuse blog: Thank you for your time shade. You have an amazing talent by the way.Do keep it up

January5ive: Alright. Thank you very much. Have a good day

KemiMobuse blog: You too dear.

There you have it, find some pictures below, and more on her facebook page and handle.


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  1. This is lovely...I love the bag with the news paper creative. Thumbs Kemi for bringing in this.