Its a hearing world part 2....

By Kemi Mobuse - Monday, February 29, 2016

SO, there i was thinking, secondary school was finally over and done with, Thank God! No more hiding in the classrooms, or hostel, trying to avoid having to make unnecessary conversations, getting shouted at, or even worse, being poked fun at and  called several unflattering names. It just stopped being fun all around, but, i was able to do something no one else among my hearing colleagues could do back then, i can lip read and hearing mutterings. 

And,boy! was there was a lot of mutterings done, mostly by the junior ones, especially, when a cruel senior just humiliated, punished or sent them on unwanted errands. 

That, for me was a sort of victory, if only i knew how useful, it will eventually become. 

My confidence was a pure Zero on a range of 1 -10, and though i was growing into a beauty, i was not able to enjoy it. and to make matters worse, the boys started taking bets among them, who will toast the 'hearing challenged' girl. 

The fact that , i was ahead of them all in class, incited more animosity than needed but i refused to let it break me down.

From JSS1, i had maintained taking the first position in class, and i was determined to finish well, and that was exactly what i did. i was also determined, that, relationship was going to be a no no for me and that was simply that!

Thankfully, God brought a good guy my way, he came to resit his WAEC exams, so was only around for about 6 months, i think. 
He was a ray of light and hope in my then dark world, he made himself my friend and confidant, before anything else, and even when he was done with his exams, he refused to let go....

So, whoever you are, your hearing loss does not have to be a stigma for you, you should no longer suffer in silence, Please speak out. There are people looking for someone's life to change, looking for a way to brighten a future. There are a lot of options, and people willing to help.... 

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  1. Spot on dear. Thank God for you

  2. There is greatness in you dear...Thank God you saw it along the way

    1. Am curious, Thank you for always taking time out to read and comment. who are you?

  3. Where did ma comment go to..*frowning face**

    It's well dearie

  4. Where did ma comment go to..*frowning face**

    It's well dearie