Ayo Shonaiya subtly shades Nigeria over Olajumoke’s shoot to stardom

By Kemi Mobuse - Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Read what he shared on his instagram page after the cut…..

 I beg to disagree though, my belief is ; just like fingers are not equal, we are not created equally with the same destiny, so everyone’s journey to stardom is also definitely different since we will travel different routes.

Olajumoke is a model, and so will continue to be a work in progress, while Abraham is an actor, it therefore stands to reason, that; he will need to act first, before being known by everyone….There is always a reason behind everything.

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  1. My dear, you are right and definitely spot on. I concur (In Don Jazzy's Voice!)

  2. haha! Thank you my twin. but your voice is thin compared to Don Jazzy's own oh,lol!